Readymade Fibreglass Flat Roofing Sheet Kits

We supply our fibreglass flat roofing sheets in a kit form to Kristian from K L P Roofing Contractors. Covering Kent & London he can be contacted on 07514263712 or via email at He has sent us these photos of the … Continue reading

Lean To Roof Repaired Using Fibreglass Spanish slate Tile Roofing Sheets

We delivered the fibreglass Spanish slate tile roofing panels to our customer in Wales for this small lean style conservatory roof.

Fibreglass Spanish Slate Tiled Roofing Panels Used For Bay Windows

This customer ordered the Spanish slate tile roofing panels for the bay windows on his bungalow. He was very happy with his finished project.  

Fibreglass Spanish Slate Tile Roof On A Large Garden Chalet In Wales.

We made & delivered the grp Spanish slate tile roofing sheets with ridge cap for this large garden chalet in Wales. The fibreglass slate tile roofing looks lovely in this rural setting with the red brick, wooden … Continue reading

Another Happy Veedub T4 High Top Roof Customer

Our customer sent us these photos of her completed camper van project and tells us she loves being able to dance in her van now with the extra space created by the fibreglass high top roof. … Continue reading

Shapes Grp Are Now Launching Brazilian & Smooth Slate Tile Roofing Sheets In Fibreglass

Due to the success of our readymade Grp Spanish slate tile roofing sheets we are now offering 2 new styles. The Brazilian slate tile roofing sheet is a neater, flatter looking tile than our rustic Spanish slate … Continue reading

Garage In Kent With Fibreglass Spanish Slate Tile Roof

We manufactured the readymade slate tile roofing sheets & bespoke ridge cap for this garage roof in Kent. We recently received an email from our customers with photographs of their completed project telling us that they were … Continue reading

Fibreglass Slate Tile Roof On A Corner Unit Garden Building.

This exceptionally well designed garden building can be purchased from Truro Portable Buildings with a fibreglass slate tile roof. A fibreglass roof will last six times as long as a felt roof with a life expectancy … Continue reading

Fibreglass columns at Lincoln College still looking good after over 12 years

On a recent delivery road trip we decided to visit Lincoln College to take a look at the Grp tapered ellipse columns that we manufactured over 12 years ago. We made the pattern and mould then manufactured 21 … Continue reading

Fibreglass Spanish Slate Tile Roof With Velux Windows

We supplied our customer 36 large Grp slate tile roofing sheets along with ridge caps and fascias for this building project in North London. This roof covered over 200 square metres and both contractors and their client are … Continue reading

Large Barn In Abbotsbury With Grp Slate Tile Roof

We manufactured & supplied the fibreglass slate tile roofing sheets for this large barn in Abbotsbury, Dorset. The roof was made up of  20 grp slate tile panels and we produced the ridge cap in terracotta in keeping … Continue reading

Lwb T4 Fibreglass (Grp) High Top Roof In Ireland

We shipped this fibreglass lwb high top roof to Ireland and received this photo from a very happy customer. We make the high top roofs to order in the colour of your choice with or without … Continue reading

Door Canopy Using Fibreglass Slate Tile Roofing Sheet

This customer purchased a fibreglass (grp) Spanish slate tile roofing panel to make his door canopy. You can order our slate tile roofing sheets in the size you require. We also make trims and ridge caps to your … Continue reading

Summerhouse Gazebo With Fibreglass Slate Tile Roof

We make the Grp slate tile roofs for Truro Portable Buildings timber corner unit summerhouses. Our fibreglass slate tile roof looks so authentic like traditional slate offering a luxury finish to your timber garden building. Click here … Continue reading

Blog Now Available For T4 High Top Roof Fitting

This customer has done a fabulous job with his T4 conversion. He fitted his own fibreglass (Grp) high top roof which we supplied. Our high tops are made you order to your specification in the colour … Continue reading

Fibreglass (Grp) High Top Roof On Rusty Swb T4 Veedub

We supplied a white fibreglass high top roof to a customer in Norfolk a few months ago. Have just received these photos of his finished van. Our Grp high top looks fabulous in Cornflower blue and we … Continue reading

Shelving Unit In Mobile Fish Van Lined In Fibreglass (Grp)

We applied a Grp membrane to the shelving unit in the back of this fish van. Alan the fish man is so happy with his fibreglass shelving. He says ” not only does the fish display look so … Continue reading

Fibreglass Slate Tile Panels Used As Dormer Window Cladding.

A property developer in Liverpool purchased the fibreglass Spanish slate tile roofing sheets to clad a dormer window that he was building. We made the cladding & corner caps for this project. He sent us these photos of the work in progress. … Continue reading

Grp Slate Tile Roofing Sheets – Barn Roof Before & After

This barn roof was in a terrible state of disrepair. The fibreglass Spanish slate tiled roofing sheets offered the perfect solution for this busy farmyard building which needed to be completed quickly with minimal disruption to … Continue reading

BBQ Shed Roof Using Grp Slate Tiled Roofing Sheets

This customer created this fabulous outdoor space using natural slate paving. They chose to use our Spanish slate tiled roofing sheets on their barbecue shed which has given it a stylish finish and works perfectly with … Continue reading

Barn Roof Using Fibreglass (Grp) Slate Tiled Roofing Sheets

We used our Spanish slate tiled roofing sheets on this barn roof and we are all extremely happy with the finish. The grp roofing sheets look so authentic like traditional slate. We also made the terracotta … Continue reading

Shapes Grp Are Cornwall’s Leading Fibreglass Specialists

Caramel bunny took a trip from Cadbury World to Cornwall last week for a repair and a bit of a touch up to restore her to her former glory. Shapes Grp are specialists in pattern … Continue reading

Fibreglass Dinosaur Eggs & Bones For The Lost Kingdom Theme Park

The new dinosaur theme park at Paultons in The New Forest has animatronic dinosaurs across the park. We were asked to make 8 fibreglass dinosaur eggs and 16 fibreglass dinosaur bones in various sizes to enhance The … Continue reading

Bamboo Windows In Grp For Theme Park

RMA commissioned us to make a pattern, mould & 9 fibreglass bamboo windows. They are for a new theme park, The lost kingdom at Paultons in The New Forest. We look forward to visiting the theme park and seeing … Continue reading

T4 VW High Top Roof In Fibreglass (Grp)

We sold this customer from Leicester a white fibreglass T4 high top roof shell last summer. He has just sent us these photos of his completed conversion which looks great!  We are always very pleased to see … Continue reading

Industrial Unit Roof Completed Using Fibreglass (Grp) Ribbed Roofing Sheets.

This 190m² commercial roof was covered using 21 of our fibreglass ribbed roofing panels. The readymade roofing sheets saved us hours on site with none of the stress usually associated with the traditional wet lay up … Continue reading

Readymade Fibreglass Ribbed Roofing Sheets For Large Industrial Buildings

We have manufactured 21 fibreglass (grp) ribbed roofing sheets to cover an industrial unit of over 190m². Shapes Grp are supplying and installing this roofing system. The ribbed sheets are ideal to use for this size roof … Continue reading

Fibreglass (Grp) VW T4 High Top Roof In Pale Green

Our customer has sent these photos showing the fibreglass (Grp) high top VW T4 roof in pale green.  Another great V dub camper van conversion now on the road.  

Conservatory Roofing Project Using Grp Slate Tile Effect Roofing Sheets

We have had some fantastic feedback from this customer who purchased our fibreglass readymade Spanish tiled effect roofing sheets this autumn. He has provided us with testimonials along with a build diary and photographs which will … Continue reading

The Orange Fibreglass (Grp) Top On This T25 Veedub Looks Fantastic

Our customer has kindly sent us this photograph of his T25 VW camper van conversion now completed with the fibreglass orange top roof that we supplied him. What a fabulous job! Our high top roofs … Continue reading